MarineShift360 is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool designed specifically for the marine industry to accelerate positive, sustainable changes within the design and manufacturing stages.

The Case for Change

In a world of ever decreasing natural resources, the marine industry needs to take responsibility for the impacts of its products. The MarineShift360 LCA tool offers an effective way to use sustainable design to reduce both our short- and long-term impacts.

The LCA Tool

The MarineShift360 LCA tool enables marine businesses to quickly assess the impact of their products, whether individual components or a whole yacht, drive innovation, identify efficiencies and reduce costs without compromising on performance.

Join the Shift

We believe this tool will enable the industry to accelerate towards sustainable change. Through collaboration we can address the challenges that are impossible to tackle alone.

ms360 process

Case Studies

Williams Jet Tenders

The complete product system was modelled for the TurboJet325, including the full value chain from cradle to grave. The insights gained from the LCA helped inform a broader sustainability strategy.

11th Hour Racing Team

While building its new IMOCA 60, Mālama, the 11th Hour Racing Team became a pilot project partner for the entire build. The aim was for the report to provide insight into the barriers and opportunities for innovation and be incorporated into future builds.