Power of Partnerships

By using the power of partnerships to work together on a collective goal, we believe we will be able to accelerate the industry towards sustainable change much more rapidly. We are securing committed partners to form a unique collaboration to aid the successful development of this project.

Each partner will contribute data from their materials and processes to develop a fully comprehensive LCA tool. Partners will come from all areas of the marine industry to provide a broad dataset.

11th Hour Racing establishes strategic partnerships within the sailing and maritime communities to promote collaborative, systemic change benefitting the health of our ocean.

Download the Pilot Partner Pack

What are the MarineShift360 Pilot Partnership benefits?

  • First access to the tool to help shape its development before launch
  • Opportunity to be an industry leader, helping to inform best practice and prepared to adapt to future legislation
  • Member of the MarineShift360 Stakeholder Consultation Group
  • Positive brand association and messaging, use of project logos, endorsements, case study focus for PR, and use of digital assets
  • Support from MarineShift360 technical team in use of tool and input of materials and data
  • Monthly project reports including LCA tool feedback questionnaire
  • Two Stakeholder Consultation Group meetings with the opportunity to engage with the MarineShift360 team, 11th Hour
  • Racing and other partners to help shape the development of the tool
  • Pilot partner status secured until 2020

Pilot partnership opportunities

MarineShift360 is looking for Pilot Partners to form a unique collaboration with industry leaders in their fields to further develop this robust tool. Partners will be asked to provide data from their materials and processes which will contribute to the development of a fully comprehensive LCA tool for the marine industry.

Join the conversation

LCA studies have become common place in other industries. We need your input to help make a tool that will be as valuable as possible for the marine industry. Head to the questionnaire on our website to give your input and help us make sure the data and processes we have modelled are useful for your products. We hope that with a widely useable and relevant tool, we can make LCA studies more common in the Marine Industry, to better understand the environmental impacts of these products.

Current Partners

MarineShift360 is delighted to be collaborating with marine businesses to collect valuable data that will further develop this bespoke LCA tool ahead of its commercial release in late 2019.